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Our Story

Since our inception in 1998, we have always tried to embrace our heritage and family values into our company's culture. With a global scope and keeping in mind our customers' requirements, our stone by stone focus on quality and customer care has made Lypsa the #1 diamond traders

With an inspired determination, innovation, and accuracy in everything we try to persuade sparkling excellence in every facet of our business without compromising the future at the cost of tradition.

We always uphold the highest degree of integrity and ethics to be the best in the market and offer a brilliant masterpiece all the time. Lypsa will always continue to explore and pioneer new technologies that would become a benchmark within the industry.


Our Artisans

The success of our company is largely due to our dedicated artisans giving a solid foundation to our company structure. We believe that our continuing success is as much dependent on the support of our artisans, as on our customers.

The presence of experienced designers, expert craftsmen and deft sales & marketing personnel not only helps to provide us with our customers' desires but also exceeds their expectations. We have always combined the best family values along with the highest standards of professionalism, transparency and ethical business practices to catalyze the growth of our people, on social, economic and intellectual grounds.