Lypsa Gems and Jewellery Ltd. is engaged in three core activities: Rough Preparation, Manufacturing and Polished Diamonds Marketing. It is based out of Mumbai with affiliates in Antwerp, Dubai and Moscow. Lypsa has its manufacturing facilities at Navsari and at SurSez, Surat. It is one of the very few diamond companies to have listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Since its inception, Lypsa has specialized in rough preparation and distribution. Lypsa is one of the leading rough preparers and distributors in India catering to the small and mid-level diamond manufacturers based in Mumbai and Gujarat. Our key strength lies in the relationships forged with the manufacturers at the grass-root level, which allows us to better understand and cater to their rough sourcing needs. The sourcing of rough diamonds takes place through Antwerp, Dubai and Moscow. Majority goods are from DTC, Alrosa and BHP bought from the sightholders and auctions. The goods that Lypsa deals in are generally below 4 grainers and includes: Sawables/Makeable/Color Brown/Natts/Flat Fancy/Cleavage.

Most of our output is exported to USA, Belgium, Israel, UAE and Hong Kong. Consistent quality and timely supplies ensure that most customers are repeat buyers. Lypsa plans to enter the jewelry industry as a natural forward integration move. Plans are being finalized to set up manufacturing operations for jewellery, catering to the American and European market. This will be followed by launching a jewellery retail chain based on an innovative and unique business model in India.

Our modern diamond cutting and polishing facilities in Navsari and Surat allow us to produce consistent high- quality polished diamonds. Our inventory includes Stars, Melee and +11 sized round brilliants. Unlike most companies in the industry, Lypsa adopts a frugal and cost-conscious attitude towards manufacturing operations without compromising on quality. This has allowed us to price our goods competitively and penetrate the market in a short time.